Saturday, January 27, 2007

One Year Ago

One year ago tonight, Matt and I ate Mexican food at my favorite restaurant. In the bathroom of that restaurant, I took out a little stick to learn what I already really knew- that January 28th was the day I was going to conceive my son.

OK- yes, I'll admit- I didn't think it would work. I didn't believe (even after I found out I was pregnant), that a real live baby was going to be the end result of this process. And I certainly didn't know that the real live baby that would eventually come would be a boy. But I digress...

One year ago, Matt and I started the ride of our lives. It was the last day that we were two. The next day, I became pregnant, and we became a family of 3. And tonight, a year later, I thank my lucky stars for all that the last year has brought me. My bouncing bundle of endless joy is 3 1/2 months old. He snuggles, and smiles, and giggles, and melts my heart with every coo. With every day, he is melting away the pain that I felt at this time last year. His sweet face makes all of the infertility tests and procedures worth it. (and makes me stronger to start the process over later this year.. YIKES!) =)

One year ago, I could sleep when I wanted and it didn't take me two hours to get out of the house in the morning. One year ago, my time was my own, my blog was updated frequently, and my waist was smaller (ok, but not small- I'm working on it!) One year ago, I wasn't a mom. And I will take every one of those things, and so much more to proudly scream to the world that you are my son.