Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I'll have to post pictures of the Brodster in his costume later. (That's assuming that we actually get some, unlike last year, when 2 weeks into motherhood I couldn't even be counted on to take a photograph of my child in his Halloween outfit!) Ahem...

I feel like a broken record. I am tired. I am not sleeping. My head hurts. Rinse. Lather. Repeat. Add to it Brody being sick and spending most of the night hacking up a lung, and well, sleep doesn't seem like it is going to happen anytime soon. Basically, I'm cranky. I want rest. GOOD, DECENT, REST. But as I've learned... sleep isn't for moms. And yes, I know I signed up for all of this... begged for it, prayed for it, bartered for it. But right now... right at this moment I would trade anything but my children for a decent night of sleep.

Despite being sleep deprived, and the child's coughing... it appears that he will be doing his first Trick or Treating tonight. The whole family is coming over for dinner and door to door candy begging. Hmmm... dinner. Perhaps I should go get that started. =)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Match Made in Heaven

You have just got to love a doctor who promotes the use of narcotics and increasing the amount of caffeine you are consuming during pregnancy. OK, you don't... but I most certainly do! =)

You see, I have been having quite the nasty headaches. Fall, hormones, my lack of eyes that play well together, and my head feels daily like, well like someone is stabbing big giant knives in it. And then twisting. And never stopping. But the advil and tylenol combo that typically helps me during the fall when I am having such issues is a no no while pregnant- or at least the advil part of the equation is. So what's the solution? Narcotics. Because they are safe. Which is baffling... but who am I to argue?

And she said that if caffeine helps, to drink more Coke or coffee because the benefits would outweigh the possible problems at this point as long as it wasn't long term overuse of it. So I think I am going to fill my prescription, and pick up some Coke and see where it gets me. Maybe tonight I won't dream that someone is squashing my brain in a car door!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

16 Weeks

Must be time for an update!

Sorry for the lack of details with the last post... friend's of ours miscarried their baby at about 13 weeks, and I was looking for a place to donate in honor and in memory of their baby.

The pregnancy is hoping along. I can't believe I am already 4 months pregnant! Of course, getting to 16 weeks has made me incredibly antsy to find out the sex of the baby. While I am still completely convinced that the tadpole is a girl, I would really like to know for sure. The stress of trying to find a boy's name is really getting to me. And yes- I know that everyone says we have plenty of time... but you have to realize- between the two of us, we have looked at over 50,000 names. There is not one that we have completely agreed on. Mainly because I just can't find one that I am ok with- Matt is much more agreeable than I am (and much more easily bought when I do find a name I like!) But it seems that whenever I find one that I love- he completely hates it. Grrrrr... I'm not sure this is a problem that time can fix.

Tomorrow is my OB appointment, but I'm not expecting it to be anything spectacular. Just check the heartbeat and such.

Brody is just amazing as always. He now says ma ma constantly, and is starting to really point at things when he wants them. His level of communication is just sky rocketing lately, and it is so much fun to be a part of. He's still not really trying to walk on his own, and has even boycotted walking between Matt & I. So we're cooling off for a little bit. But he does take a few steps on his own now- so I think he just wants to do things at his own pace.

Today, Brody is spending the day with PapPap. Yesterday I was trying to stretch out my back... it's been a little sore from the stretching ligaments and such, and was laying on the floor with my feet on the ground, but my knees in the air. Brody pulled himself up using my legs, but at some point lost his balance or decided to sit down or something and quickly pulled my left knee to the floor. My back popped and there was immediate pain around my SI Joint. So I think he managed to pull a ligament that was a little more malleable than normal. But as of right now, I'm not really able to lift him or carry him- so my dad was kind enough to take him for the day so that I could rest and hopefully heal it up.

Well, enough babbling. I think I may indulge and take a nap before I work on laundry and dishes and such. =)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Does anybody know of good charities that support miscarriage or the loss of a child? I don't really want something fertility related (like Resolve), as we are praying that it isn't a fertility issue, but just an isolated horrible tragedy...


Monday, October 22, 2007

And no- I didn't believe my husband

When as I was crying into my scarf on the way home from a good, and yet very very bad football game last night that my son had done the impossible and SAID. MY. NAME. And yet- he picked a good time to lie, because this morning my son would not stop saying my name. While POINTING. AT. ME.

It is truly a wonderful day. Even if the Steelers lost. And even if we were (*shocked beyond belief*) unable to procure tickets to the World Series. And even if I should be in the shower and now could be very very late... I had to mention what a wonderful day it is. =)

Friday, October 19, 2007


My parent's were lovely enough to watch my child today so that I can do things like empty the dishwasher without first having to pen him up and listen to him sob that he can't play with knives. (I know, the first child is always screwed... as I've been told numerous times, the second one will be juggling them coming out of the womb- but Brody just isn't allowed to yet.) With my level of energy lately, or lack thereof, I nap with him, and that leaves little time to get things done. So today is my day to clean and get organized. But what am I doing? Playing on the internet!

In my defense... so far this morning I have gotten rid of all of my pre-pregnancy underwear and bras that haven't fit in 2 years... (exciting, no?) I have opened millions of boxes of toys (all with those damn ties that take hours to undo), I have started putting away the 6 baskets of clean laundry that are littering my bedroom, and I have have gotten through all of the boys names through Chaney and decided that our next boy is likely to be named DeMario Crosby (with a LONG a sound). Of course, my husband prefers Francis Carter- but well, he's just silly. (10 points to the person who knows where all 4 names come from!)

So anyway... week 15. That's almost 4 months pregnant (the scary thing is that I just wrote 6 months and got overly excited... oh well...) Really- other than typical exhaustion (shouldn't that have gone away by now?) there's not really anything interesting to report. I think I have felt a few kicks, but at this stage, I have a hard time distinguishing them from bubbly feelings of another sort! We changed one of our possible girl's names- and I think I am finally content with it. I actually very much like both of the girl's names that we have, and think that we may just have to use them whether we have a girl or a boy, because our boy's options are just not appealing to me in any way.

Can you tell that this post is wholly about procrastination and not about content? I guess I better get back to hanging clothes! Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Done Worn Out

I need a nap. Unfortunately, my house feels like I have been napping for the better part of a year and in the meantime a giant tornado blew through it creating much havoc. But I'm pregnant- and right now, there's just not much I can do but give in to the urge to lay down and sleep for a little bit.

I do have birthday pictures to post... and I'm sure I owe the occasion more than an "It was great!" but really... that just about sums it up. The party was a lot of fun- despite a lack of anything resembling a decent nap- Brody did great, and seemed to have a fantastic time playing with all of this friends. I just wish that I could have spent a little more time with everyone- but when you divide 2 hours into 40 people, I guess it just doesn't work too well. Not to mention that there were things like presents and cake and such that required my attention and took away about an hour and a half of that 2 hours. =) But it was wonderful. And my baby is now officially not a baby anymore, and there are mixed feelings about that around here. I have to wonder if I would be crying less about it if I weren't so tired and hormonal! =)

We also had his one year check-up yesterday... he did great with the shots... he weighs 24 pounds, 13 ounces... he is 31 inches tall... both of which put him squarely at 75% for kids his age- and mean his mom is a pretty good estimator at how big he is! =) He is developmentally right on track and she is pleased with how well he is doing. She did say he is working on the top tooth that still hasn't poked through, and not one molar like I thought... but 3... FUN!

OK- he finally gave in, so I am off to nap as well!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Broderick! (Almost!)


This weekend you will turn 1 year old. I’m starting this letter now because I know the next few days will be very busy for us. We have your 1 year pictures, your birthday party, and a fun day picking pumpkins and going on wagon rides planned. I am hoping that you will enjoy all of it as much as I will enjoy sharing it with you.

Words cannot express how happy you have made me past year. Though I wouldn't have believed I could ever love you more than I did the first moment I saw you, my love for you grows exponentially every single day. I could list the things that you do now… like trying so hard to walk (you can take about 5-6 steps before falling), or how you have grown, (I don’t know exactly how tall you are or how much you weigh, but I am guessing about 31” and about 24 ½ pounds), but those aren’t the memories that I cherish from this past year.

When you are big and grown, I want to look back at this year and I want to remember your smile and your hugs. I want to remember how when you are very tired or hurt, you reach for me and lay your head on my shoulder. I want to remember how you like to kiss/bite my toes, how often you do it, and the lengths you will go to if my feet aren’t readily available. I want to remember how everyone not only stops to tell me how cute you are, but also what a good baby you are. I want to remember how you laugh when I try to get you to say “mommy” or when I tell you no (because next year, I won’t think it’s cute anymore!) I want to remember how you love to be outside and how watching the bunnies makes everything better. I want to remember how curious you are, and how you will spend hours exploring somewhere new without caring how many toys are laying around being ignored. I want to remember how much you love emptying the Tupperware cabinet and the dish towel drawer, and how proud of yourself you are when you are done. I want to remember your look of complete bliss when I caught you playing in the toilet- and how you love to chase the kitty (who doesn’t love that game NEARLY as much as you do.) You are just so cute when you know you are doing something you shouldn't! I want to remember how when you stand on your own, you wave with both hands like your little Spiderman toy. All in all, it’s these things (and so many more that I don't have the space to mention) that make you the little boy that I am so proud to call my son. It’s these things that make me look forward to each and every day that I am blessed enough to be woken up by your cries, or even better, your babble.

The next year will be filled with so much fun, and so much learning and changing, and I am sure that I will love the next year just as much as I have loved this one. I just can’t wait to see what you do next.

I love you,

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bring on week 14!

Yeah! I have officially bid farewell to the first trimester. But funny enough all that magical energy that I am supposed to have now is still alluding me. Perhaps if I could sleep… but that’s a pipe dream. It’s been over 3 months since I have gotten more than 2 hours of sleep without waking up to pee, or because Brody has woken up, or because Matt has stolen the covers (or worse has dared breath on me in my sleep!) And I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

But I am feeling better in general. And I think the quality of my 2 hours of sleep is getting better… so hopefully that’s a sign of good things to come. I know that with the holidays coming up and such time will pass quickly, but at the moment I feel like I’ve been pregnant a lot longer than 3 months, so the next 6 seems like It will never pass.

I think I am buying our double stroller soon. It appears that the color scheme that I want (and the one that matches our infant carrier) is being discontinued. There is another color that is close- but if I can get this one 31% off, and it is the one that I actually want- why not save the $70? It just has to sit in storage for a few months… but better than spending more money on one that I don’t like as well, right? Right. I’m glad we agree.

In Brody news- we are gearing up for his birthday, and I am getting excited about his party! I have everything planned and ordered. I just need to wrap presents and pick everything up on Saturday and we’re all set! There will be lots of friends for him to play with, and cake to smear all over! Fun, fun fun!

Did I mention that he is taking his first steps? He can take about 5 or 6 now before he simply lunges forward or loses his balance. My baby truly is growing up! *Sigh*

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Please don't faint

I would hate to think that my reappearance had caused someone to pass out- so hopefully you all survived the shock.

We are plugging along. I think I can safely say that we are all over the stomach flu that we've been dealing with. (Have I mentioned that I got it TWICE???) Brody seems to be feeling much better- and I think I have managed to go 2 whole days without throwing up. YEAH!

Today Brody is getting his first haircut. I am a little sad about it- it's the start of a week long of first birthday stuff. First haircut, first birthday pictures, first birthday party... I'm tearing up just thinking about it. My baby is turning one and won't be a baby anymore. It just doesn't seem possible.

But anywho... (to avoid all out tears!) the tadpole is doing great. We got to see her (no, we don't know- I just don't like saying "it") at our 12 week prescreen last Friday. Everything came back completely normal. We have a very active little one in there. Our sonographer had a hard time measuring because tadpole kept moving so much. It was very cute, and a relief to see after spending so much time dehydrated and feeling crappy lately.

Brody is very close to walking. He will take a step or two as he falls into me- but still has a little ways to go in the balance department. I think the coolest thing is that I've really started to notice how much he wants to walk. Most of his playgroup friends are a little older and are walking- and he just stares and stares at them. He's not really content to crawl, and prefers to walk with mom's assistance while we are with them. I guess peer pressure starts young!

Since posting 2 days in a row is quite unlikely, I figured I would post some pics early... enjoy!

Seriously? How cute is this hat?

Brushing his teeth!

"GET THIS HAT OFF OF ME!!!! Can't you see I'm a Steeler's fan?"


"What do you mean the lettuce crisper isn't supposed to go on my head?"

No matter how many toys we put in the bath- the only one he plays with is the temperature checking duck!