Friday, October 26, 2007

Match Made in Heaven

You have just got to love a doctor who promotes the use of narcotics and increasing the amount of caffeine you are consuming during pregnancy. OK, you don't... but I most certainly do! =)

You see, I have been having quite the nasty headaches. Fall, hormones, my lack of eyes that play well together, and my head feels daily like, well like someone is stabbing big giant knives in it. And then twisting. And never stopping. But the advil and tylenol combo that typically helps me during the fall when I am having such issues is a no no while pregnant- or at least the advil part of the equation is. So what's the solution? Narcotics. Because they are safe. Which is baffling... but who am I to argue?

And she said that if caffeine helps, to drink more Coke or coffee because the benefits would outweigh the possible problems at this point as long as it wasn't long term overuse of it. So I think I am going to fill my prescription, and pick up some Coke and see where it gets me. Maybe tonight I won't dream that someone is squashing my brain in a car door!

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