Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No really...

If you are reading this through bloglines or some other update type service... you need to change your links! Especially if you would like to know the sex & name of baby #2!!!! Why yes, I am bribing you as a matter of fact! If you click through to this site, you are automatically redirected to: So please click, and please guess!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A teaser of sorts...

So it's been an interesting week around here. My headaches, while no longer 24/7, are still present and drugs aren't doing much to change that. Increasing my daily intake of caffeine to the max that I am comfortable with in a state of pregnant has seemed to help- so we're going with that. It's still well below what most people say is acceptable, there's just only so much that I am willing to have and feel ok about it.

Matt managed to break off a toenail last night when he stubbed his toe in the middle of the night. It was actually a dead nail and would have required surgery, so while it may not be the fun way to do it, it's gotten the job done. And the best part was that he managed to not scream and wake up me and the child who no longer sleeps all night. YEAH! I knew I loved him! =)

Brody is... well, better. I guess. His cold seems to be better. Did I mention the ear infections? No fun... and the rash that broke out shortly after starting the antibiotics? No fun... but we did a controlled test in the doctor's office today with more amoxicillan, and he did ok. So we are watching him today and making sure that it was just a fluke and going from there. If he doesn't react again, we may be home free... otherwise we may get a big reaction next time since kids are more likely to react the 2nd time apparently.

Hmmmm.... we lead quite the exciting life, no? But alas- the child is awake and my free time (that should have been spent cleaning my kitchen, but was instead wasted on the internet) is over.

OH YES! The teaser... I MAY have something exciting to tell you this weekend. I make no promises, but I figure it might get you to come back and read again... because even if it's not exciting, there should at least be something new. So try back on Sunday. (And no mom, I'm not even telling you!)