Thursday, March 29, 2007


I know! I'm slapping my own hands over here... too bad I don't have a ruler to use! One would think that with all my "spare" time now that I'm not working that I would have found time to blog... but you see... we've been sleep training... and it's sucked. But now it's working major miracles, and life is so much happier! Seriously... my child, the one who used to wake up after 6 hours at night, and 30 minutes while napping (if you could get him to nap at all, and FORGET sleeping in his crib, cause that was just a pipe dream...) Is now sleeping in his crib, for up to TEN HOURS at night... and up to TWO HOURS for naps. I am in heaven. It is blissful, this thing they call sleep. =)

But as a reward for the few of you who still pop in once in awhile... here's a whole lot of pictures!

"Yo momma! Those peas are great and all, but if you don't get me some bananas fast, I'm gonna call my hommies to rough you up!"

"Too tired... can't... jump... any....more....zzzzzzzzzzz"

Snuggles with mommy!

Peaking to make sure I was still there!

Ahhhh.... loving on Great-Aunt Janet.

"Whoa! Look at me!" (This was taken about a half a second before he toppled over, but since then, he's gotten very good at sitting on his own, and typically doesn't fall unless he's looking at something over his shoulder."

Snuggles with daddy!

Just hanging out being cute. =)

OK- little man is up from his nap... I will try to be better!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Are 5 month old babies supposed to throw fits? Cause mine does. If he doesn't want to be alone, he'll scream really loud for like 3 seconds and then he'll look up just to make sure someone is watching and smile. I really thought we had a few months before that started.

Hmmm... what else? Is it bad that I get a laugh when he's sitting up and all of a sudden topples over? I mean it's not like he hurts himself, and he kinda thinks it's fun, but I feel so mean for thinking it's funny!

We're fighting again with sleep. With being sick, he was sleeping in his infant carrier so that he was more upright- so now we're back to the crib, and let's just say that he has his mom's stubborn streak. I am dreaming of uninterrupted sleep (before I wake up 15 minutes later...)

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


For once, I have a very good reason for my lack of posting. Not only is our little guy sick for the first time, Boy! Has he made it a doozy. He has RSV and Bronchialitis. Not so much fun for him or for us. So life right now is lived in 4 hour increments. We have to give him breathing treatments (which he isn't so fond of).... and we have had to start giving him a little apple juice to help with the cough. He's starting to feel a little better, and is at least falling back to sleep after the night treatments. Matt and I are feeling better as we are a little less worried and getting a little more sleep. Yeah, sleep!

So it's turning around- and it seems there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Some good things to concentrate on (for both you and me...)

At the doctor's office, Broderick decided to roll over for the first time from his back to his tummy. He's only repeated it twice since then, but he's trying awfully hard!

He's now eating Rice, Squash, Peas, Bananas, and Apples. Bananas are definitely the favorite, though they are followed closely by peas. Apples he's not so sure of, though so far it's only come in the form of juice, so we'll see how he does with Applesauce tonight.

Even though he's been sick, he is still the happiest baby ever. =) OK, so I wasn't so sure of that after all the screaming yesterday, but we are catching glimpses of our little angel again, so that's good.

Next Friday (I had to push it back a week so that I could spend this week home with the little guy), is my last day of work. I cannot tell you how excited I am!

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Our baby has his first cold. =( Luckily, while he's very congested and coughing, he doesn't seem to feel so bad. Right now he's sitting here happily screeching away, and then taking a few moments to stop and catch his breath. The poor kid can't stand when we spray the nasal spray into his nose, and hates it even more when we try to squeegey the snot out. =( But he has been sleeping really well... in his carseat, right beside our bed. (He has a hard time coughing laying down, so we have him sitting up a little more in his carseat instead of sleeping in his crib.)

And today, I woke up with the beginnings of it. My throat is just killing me, and really all I want to do is sleep. But it's an extra day with my boys, and really? What else matters? =)