Thursday, October 25, 2007

16 Weeks

Must be time for an update!

Sorry for the lack of details with the last post... friend's of ours miscarried their baby at about 13 weeks, and I was looking for a place to donate in honor and in memory of their baby.

The pregnancy is hoping along. I can't believe I am already 4 months pregnant! Of course, getting to 16 weeks has made me incredibly antsy to find out the sex of the baby. While I am still completely convinced that the tadpole is a girl, I would really like to know for sure. The stress of trying to find a boy's name is really getting to me. And yes- I know that everyone says we have plenty of time... but you have to realize- between the two of us, we have looked at over 50,000 names. There is not one that we have completely agreed on. Mainly because I just can't find one that I am ok with- Matt is much more agreeable than I am (and much more easily bought when I do find a name I like!) But it seems that whenever I find one that I love- he completely hates it. Grrrrr... I'm not sure this is a problem that time can fix.

Tomorrow is my OB appointment, but I'm not expecting it to be anything spectacular. Just check the heartbeat and such.

Brody is just amazing as always. He now says ma ma constantly, and is starting to really point at things when he wants them. His level of communication is just sky rocketing lately, and it is so much fun to be a part of. He's still not really trying to walk on his own, and has even boycotted walking between Matt & I. So we're cooling off for a little bit. But he does take a few steps on his own now- so I think he just wants to do things at his own pace.

Today, Brody is spending the day with PapPap. Yesterday I was trying to stretch out my back... it's been a little sore from the stretching ligaments and such, and was laying on the floor with my feet on the ground, but my knees in the air. Brody pulled himself up using my legs, but at some point lost his balance or decided to sit down or something and quickly pulled my left knee to the floor. My back popped and there was immediate pain around my SI Joint. So I think he managed to pull a ligament that was a little more malleable than normal. But as of right now, I'm not really able to lift him or carry him- so my dad was kind enough to take him for the day so that I could rest and hopefully heal it up.

Well, enough babbling. I think I may indulge and take a nap before I work on laundry and dishes and such. =)

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